Continuing Education (CE) Evaluators

A member of PIE may serve as a CE Evaluator. A CE Evaluator must:

  • Be a Professional Engineer currently licensed in New York State.

  • Be a member in good standing of PIE.

  • Submit a resume with a membership application to PIE indicating a desire to become a CE Evaluator candidate.

  • Complete a CE Evaluator Workshop. The workshop lesson plan and attendance list will be documented and retained by PIE per State Education requirements.

  • Submit a signed Evaluator Agreement.The application and agreement can be found on our forms page.

Upon approval by the Executive Committee of the PIE Board of Trustees, the Evaluator will be issued a Certificate which will be valid for a period of two years. One year after the expiration, a recertification will be required. Refresher courses shall be completed every other year.The application and agreement can be found on ourĀ forms page.