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See our Pricing Page for costs.

Please view the PIE Refund Policy before submitting any courses for accreditation. 

Program/Course Application Process:

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED  JUNE 19, 2017 thru JUNE 26, 2017:  PIE will not be processing  applications received during the dates indicated above until the week of June 26th. Processing will resume beginning June 26th, with applications processed in the order in which they were received.  PIE is unable to accommodate any Expedited Service requests for applications submitted during the dates indicated above IF the event/presentation date is scheduled prior to  July 6th.  This includes course applications that are preevaluated and/or preapproved by Training Provider’s preassigned evaluator. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Review the Course Approval Instructions  [PDF]

Submit the Course Accreditation Application (cost varies, see Fees Page) [online]

(Include all documents)

Training Provider Agreement [online] or [PDF]

Agreement between PIE and the Training Provider of an approved PIE Course/Activity.

Course Renewal Form [online] (Not for Profit TP: $25/year/course)
(Commercial TP: $75/year/course)

This form is used for annual renewal of an approved PIE course/activity. (due 1 year from approval date – if renewal is desired)

New Speaker Update Form [online]

Use this form if you need to update/revise the speakers for a course.

Course Attendance List  [PDF]

For use in conjunction with an approved course to record attendance for proper record keeping.

Individual Member/Program Evaluator Application Process or Renewal:

Individual Membership is for engineers who want to be a part of the PIE organization and/or wish to become a PIE Continuing Education (CE) Evaluator.

Submit the Individual Member-Program Evaluator Application ($25) [online]

To apply to be an Evaluator, you will also need to sign the Evaluator Agreement [online] or [PDF]  and submit with a short resume/bio and complete a CE Evaluator Workshop.

(For Membership Renewal)

Submit the Individual Member-Program Evaluator Renewal Form ($25/year) [online]

Sponsor Organizations Process:

Review the Requirements for Sponsor Organizations [PDF]

To Become a Sponsor Organization, you must fill out the following pre-application as a first step. Once this application is completed and reviewed, we will be in touch with the next steps required to proceed. [Form]

Submit a Sponsor Organization Renewal Form ($300/year) [online]

Sign the Sponsor Organization Agreement [online] or [PDF]

Sponsor Organization Annual Report [online] or [PDF] – To be filled out by PIE Approved Sponsor Organizations annually.

More Forms (For use by Approved Evaluators Only)

Course Evaluation Record [online] or [PDF]

For use by certified PIE Evaluators only

Corrective Action Report [online] or [PDF]

For use by certified PIE Auditors in conjunction with Sponsor Organization Audits.

Course Evaluation Record (Second Opinion Form) [online]

For use by certified PIE Evaluators only