(Acceptable forms of Payment are Online Credit Card & Check by Mail)

See our Pricing Page for costs.

Please view the PIE Refund Policy before submitting any courses for accreditation. 

Program/Course Application Process:

Review the Course Approval Instructions  [PDF]

Submit the Course Accreditation Application (cost varies, see Fees Page) [online]

(Include all documents)

Training Provider Agreement [online] or [PDF]

Agreement between PIE and the Training Provider of an approved PIE Course/Activity.

Course Renewal Form [online] (Not for Profit TP: $25/year/course)
(Commercial TP: $75/year/course)

This form is used for annual renewal of an approved PIE course/activity. (due 1 year from approval date – if renewal is desired)

New Speaker Update Form [online]

Use this form if you need to update/revise the speakers for a course.

Course Attendance List  [PDF]

For use in conjunction with an approved course to record attendance for proper record keeping.

Individual Member/Program Evaluator Application Process or Renewal:

Individual Membership is for New York State licensed professional engineers who want to be a part of the PIE organization and/or wish to become a PIE Continuing Education (CE) Evaluator.  In addition, all applicants must be current members in good standing of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE).

Submit the Individual Member-Program Evaluator Application ($25) [online]

To apply to be an Evaluator, you will also need to sign the Evaluator Agreement [online] or [PDF]  and submit with a short resume/bio and complete a CE Evaluator Workshop.

(For Membership Renewal)

Submit the Individual Member-Program Evaluator Renewal Form ($25/year) [online]

Sponsor Organizations Process:

Review the Requirements for Sponsor Organizations [PDF]

To Become a Sponsor Organization, you must fill out the following pre-application as a first step. Once this application is completed and reviewed, we will be in touch with the next steps required to proceed. [Form]

Submit a Sponsor Organization Renewal Form ($300/year) [online]

Sign the Sponsor Organization Agreement [online] or [PDF]

Sponsor Organization Annual Report [online] or [PDF] – To be filled out by PIE Approved Sponsor Organizations annually.

More Forms (For use by Approved Evaluators Only)

Course Evaluation Record [online] or [PDF]

For use by certified PIE Evaluators only

Corrective Action Report [online] or [PDF]

For use by certified PIE Auditors in conjunction with Sponsor Organization Audits.

Course Evaluation Record (Second Opinion Form) [online]

For use by certified PIE Evaluators only