Law Governing Continuing Education For Professional Engineers

Since January 1, 2002 licensed professional engineers renewing the registration of their license have been required to complete 36 contact hours of continuing education in each three-year registration period.

The relevant laws and regulations pertaining to continuing education can be found in section 7211 and 7212 of Article 145 of Education Law and sections 68.11 and 68.12 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. To request a copy of the law and regulations call 518-474-3817 ext. 140 or fax your request to 518-473-6282 or write to the New York State Education Department, Office of Professions, State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying, 89 Washington Avenue, 2nd Floor Mezzanine East Wing, Albany, NY 12234.

This information for eduational purposes only. For the most up to date versions of the laws and regulations relating to continuing education for professional engineers please visit The Office of Professions web site for the full text of the Education Law at and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education at

For more information please visit the State Education Department’s FAQs on Continuing Education for Professional Engineers:


The most significant changes to continuing education in New York State were just released by the Board of Regents; and reflect two changes that NYSSPE requested back in 2009.

The first is a mandatory 1 PDH per each triennial registration period in the area of ethics.

The second change allows up to 9 PDHs per each triennial registration period for participation on a technical or regulatory committee that is established by a government agency or professional association. 1 PDH can be earned for every 2 hours spent working on a committee. To claim this credit, your participation must be certified by an authorized individual within the agency or association. This is considered an “other educational activity.” Please click HERE and scroll down to #16 to view this new regulation.