Refund Policy

PIE’s refund policy for all course applications is as follows:

Evaluation Fee: Once a course application is submitted, the evaluation fee is NON- REFUNDABLE under all circumstances.

Registration Fee:

PIE will refund course registration fee only if cancellation notice is provided by the Training Provider, in writing, within first seven (7) calendar days after application is submitted unless the application has already been approved by PIE evaluator. If the course has already been evaluated and approved by a PIE evaluator, registration fee will not be refunded.

No refund will be issued for any fees associated with course applications that are withdrawn or cancelled by the Training Provider more than 7 days past application submittal.

PIE will refund the registration fee only if, after thorough evaluation process, it is determined that the course does not meet requirements for approval of Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

Expedited Service: All fees for course applications requesting expedited service are NON- REFUNDABLE under all circumstances, including evaluation, course registration and expedited service fees.

Note: Course applications submitted with the payment option to “mail check” are responsible for all non-refundable fees as detailed above should the application be withdrawn or cancelled.

Please contact PIE with any questions on Refund Policy prior to submitting application.

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