Sponsor Organization Agreement

This is the Executive Policy approved as minimum criteria to become a Sponsoring Organization. (updated 12/09)
  • As an applicant for PIE Continuing Education Sponsor Organization Membership, our organization agrees to:

    1. Provide accurate and truthful information to PIE in all transactions to the best of our knowledge.

    2. Conduct our operations, learning events, and programs in an ethical manner that respects the rights and worth of the individuals we serve.

    3. Provide full and accurate disclosure of information about our learning events, services, and fees in our promotions and advertising.

    4. Use the PIE approved statement, without modification, when referencing our PIE CE Sponsor Member status.

    5. Only approve training activities for our direct supervision. Sponsor members shall not approve training for third parties.

    6. When the PIE CE logo is used on continuing education marketing or promotional materials the approved statement will be used.

    7. Report to PIE, within thirty (30) days, any major organizational or program changes that impact the role and mission of the administrative unit on which our Sponsor Membership is currently based.

    8. Accept PIE monitors in any programs we provide for purposes of monitoring compliance with the criteria and waive registration fees for such monitors

    9. Furnish requested information, work cooperatively with PIE and pay fees on a timely basis.

    10. Operate according to PIE procedures and the terms of this agreement or relinquish Sponsor Member status.

    11. Upon notification from the PIE Board, abide by revisions to procedures or inform the PIE of intention to withdraw from Sponsor Membership.

    12. Retain or Maintain a PIE approved CE Evaluator(s) at all times to serve as the CE Evaluator(s) for training conducted under our supervision.

    13. Agree that our organization will provide an approved CE Evaluator to support one Sponsor Member audit annually, if requested, and attend a Sponsor Member workshop at least once during the triennial membership term.

  • Organization Name
  • Applicant’s Chief Administrative Officer