Training Provider Agreement

  • As an applicant for authorization to provide Continuing Education (CE) training for New York Professional Engineers, I agree to:

    1. Provide, to the best of our knowledge, accurate information to PIE in all transactions.

    2. Adhere to NY State Education Department (NYSED) regulations and PIE procedures and policies regarding CE.

    3. Conduct our organization's CE activities in an ethical manner that respects the rights and needs of the individuals we serve.

    4. Only host or provide CE courses and activities for NY CE credit that are duly approved by PIE or another NYSED authorized sponsor.

    5. Only issue certificates, for PIE approved courses and activities, to attendees that have successfully completed the course and signed the attendance list or roster.

    6.Return completed attendance lists or rosters used in CE programs and activities to PIE within fourteen (14) days of each course or activity.

    7. Make course and activity sessions and records available for periodic audits by PIE.

  • I hereby agree with the foregoing terms and conditions.
  • Authorized Individual*
  • * Person signing must have the authority to commit the organization to compliance with this agreement.